Better buy or rent real estate in Spain?

22.2.19, CH: Who plays with the thought of making Spain his second or new home, does not miss the question whether one should rent or buy real estates. Spain has as much to offer as homeland as well as holiday country. Particularly at the Costa Blanca one can enjoy the whole year over the pleasant, mediterrane climate and a fantastically beautiful landscape. You have already spent one or more vacations here and are playing with the idea of relaxing here more often? Then you are not alone. Because more and more people decide to move their centre of life or their second home to their beloved holiday destination.

Go ahead, because the offer of apartments, houses and also extensive Fincas is large.
But the question already arises whether it would be better to rent or buy an apartment. Especially in the cities, also away from the tourism, one has a big choice when it comes to a rental apartment. Although Spain is actually considered as a classic country for property, the offer of rental objects is enormous. Rental objects have the advantage that one does not have to pay a high sum in advance for it, as it is the case with own homes. Therefore, rental properties are especially recommendable if you do not have sufficient equity. The rent starts at about 9 to 13 euros per month per square metre, although it is of course higher in large cities. Regarding the furnishings, it should be said that especially new rental apartments offer a high degree of comfort and consistently meet even the highest demands.

Opposite the renting objects stand dwellings, houses and Fincas, which are offered for purchase. Also here there is a large offer at most different objects. If you have the necessary equity, nothing stands more in the way if you want to fulfill the dream of owning your own four walls in Spain. The advantage here: If you do not use the real estate in Spain much, it can be rented profitably to holiday-makers.