Dream beaches in and around Altea

9.10.18,CH: Altea on the Costa Blanca is a real holiday magnet. Each year it attracts many tourists into the region, not least because of the fantastic beaches along the Costa Blanca. As unique as the beaches are, they are as different. From fine and soft sandy beaches to quiet bays and impressive cliffs – Altea has something for everyone. Along the Mediterranean coast there are not only many beaches around Altea, but also charming villages. But the more than eight kilometres long coastline is probably one of the main reasons why so many holidaymakers come to Altea every year. Those who have been there once want to come back every year and not only enjoy the beaches, but also come to rest, relax or be entertained at the beaches as well as in the villages.

At the Mascarat beach and in the small bay La Barreta, the beach consists of small pebbles. Also Playa Cap Blanch is a pebble beach in a bay south of the main harbour. This beach is also so popular because it is not as densely built-up as some other beach zones. There is a nice promenade along the Olla beach. It is narrow and stony, but probably that’s why it’s so popular. Coarse sandy beaches can be found at Cap Negret and the city beach. The spacious beach promenade offers variety and entertainment for holidaymakers of all ages. The beach Solsida is a little bit remote, but just for this reason so ideal. This nudist beach is relatively narrow and consists of pebbles and stones.

Altea offers the right beach for every type of holiday and along the beaches you will find numerous holiday homes and apartments. The beaches, the climate and also the short flight time to Altea are decisive when it comes to buying a holiday home in Altea. Whether on a summer holiday, in winter or just for a long weekend, you can always visit the sunny south with your own holiday home.