Easyjet flies 7x a week from London to Alicante

6.4.18, CH: Since the end of the low-cost airline AirBerlin there have been many gaps in the flight schedules. The competition is not long in coming to fill these gaps quickly. Especially before the summer holiday season, the airlines want to improve their flight networks accordingly in order to profit from the increased travel activity during this period.

A major player in the low-cost carrier sector is the British Easyjet. Among them are many holiday destinations such as Spain. For example, Easyjet flies to the southern Spanish port city of Alicante seven days a week. This brings the Costa Blanca a little closer to the capital.

Especially people with a second home in Spain should be happy about this news. This makes it even easier to decide spontaneously to spend a few days in the south and enjoy days in the warmer climate. Whether it is to relax the soul after the long winter a little bit or in the vacation home in Spain and/or in the Spanish holiday house after the right, before the season starts and the real estate is to be rented also again to tourists.