Hibernation at the White Coast

25.2.20, CH: The White Coast around Altea defies the weather. Instead of grubby weather, cold, ice and snow, pleasant temperatures and numerous hours of sunshine await you on the White Coast even in winter. No wonder that more and more people decide to take a holiday apartment in Spain for this time of year and turn their backs on winter.

But what else speaks for it?

The Costa Blanca has much more to offer than a consistently mild, Mediterranean climate. Sun-seekers, of course, see this as the main reason to spend the winter in Spain, especially on the White Coast around Altea. And this does not only concern the 55+ generation by far. Of course, the older generation appreciates the climate, but, like everyone else who prefers the Costa Blanca as a winter domicile, peace and quiet is also an important plus. After tens of thousands of tourists enjoy the beaches, the sea and the special climate during the summer months, peace and quiet gradually returns during the low season. What could be better than to experience the beautiful landscape, the friendliness of the locals, the culture and the whole life in a quiet and relaxing way?

Hibernate in your own holiday home in Spain

A holiday home in Spain offers every imaginable comfort for wintering on the Costa Blanca. Independent and free residents can live in the day. At the most, a smile comes to one’s lips when one thinks of the dreary winter days in the cold and snow. There are enough accommodations for spending the winter time at the Costa Blanca. But also dropouts who want to enjoy the advantages during the whole year will quickly find a suitable place to stay. Centrally in the city there are city apartments available, while in a remote finca in complete seclusion you can enjoy a maximum of peace and relaxation. From the house on the coast you can watch the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The calmness and serenity of the locals is automatically transferred to the guests. With their mentality, stress and hecticness are quickly gone and the new residents can begin to enjoy life.