Altea on the Costa Blanca – a multi-layered paradise to stay

18.6.20, CH: If you are planning a trip to Spain, you can look forward to beautiful beaches and picturesque villages – like Altea. Spain offers its visitors a breathtaking natural landscape in addition to numerous stretches of coast.
Spain – a perfect destination for sun worshippers of all kinds
Spain scores with its visitors with more than 300 sunny days per year. This means that you can spend a wonderful holiday on the beach here not only in summer but also in winter.

A very popular coastal town in Spain is above all Altea.


Every year more people decide to visit this city. There are many reasons for this. Altea is not only very suitable for a beach holiday, but also for nature lovers. The impressive landscape in Altea is very interesting for young and old. But Altea is not only a perfect destination for beach holidaymakers, but also for hikers. Spain is generally surrounded by beautiful and varied mountain landscapes, which are ideal for hikers.
The coastline of Altea is about 8 kilometres long, where tourists can find hidden beaches, wild cliffs and undisturbed bays. For example, the “Punta de Mascarat” offers crystal clear water. Water sports enthusiasts are also in good hands here. A very popular viewpoint in Altea is located right next to the church El Consuelo. The city of Altea has a lot to offer, not only beach holidaymakers and bon vivants are welcome here, but also people who love architecture. The traditional Mediterranean architecture can captivate everyone. Also in Altea you will find many holiday apartments, which are luxurious and comfortable at the same time.

I’m staying here! Find the perfect holiday home in Spain
More and more holidaymakers are choosing a holiday home in Spain or a holiday apartment in Spain these days. The holiday homes in Spain have different sizes and are also equipped differently. Whether a small apartment in the city or a beautiful holiday home in Spain with a pool, here will surely find the right accommodation for everyone.