Spain once again among the most popular travel destinations worldwide

27.11.18, CH: There are larger countries and more crowded countries. Countries that can also score with picturesque coasts and breathtaking mountain landscapes. Nevertheless, Spain outdoes almost all other countries in the world in terms of tourist numbers.
In view of the number of tourist arrivals in 2017, Spain has once again made it to second place among the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The many sunny days a year, the traditional history of the country, but also the picturesque towns and fishing villages as well as the well-developed infrastructure have brought Spain 81.8 million arrivals last year. This means that almost twice as many people have visited the country on the Iberian Peninsula as Spain itself has habitants.
Only France was able to record almost five million more arrivals, making it the most popular holiday destination ahead of Spain. This is followed by the USA, China and Italy. One criteria that certainly speaks for Spain as a holiday destination is easy accessibility. Because no matter from which city in UK Spain is attainable depending upon destination in approximately 3 to 4 flight hours. Regions such as the Costa Blanca with Alicante Airport are particularly close and thus offer an easy way to quickly reach warmer climates.
So it’s not surprising that many British citizens don’t just stay here for a few nights in a hotel and then fly home again, but even create a second home of their own here. The variety of properties that are suitable for this is sufficiently large. Whether holiday homes, fincas or holiday apartments in Spain – for every wish there is a suitable property. The big advantage with a real estate at a popular holiday place: If the holiday domicile is not used straight, it can be also rented out, in order to obtain thereby incomes. Many Spain fans therefore see their own house in Spain not only as a personal luxury, but also as a profitable investment.