It doesn’t always have to be Barcelona

4.11.18, CH: Barcelona is undoubtedly one of the top destinations in Spain. Many who think of Spain therefore think of Barcelona at first glance. The mixture of proximity to the beach, a vibrant metropolis and cultural sights attracts a large number of tourists year after year. In many years, so many that some people lose their holiday mood. Spain still attracts with many further beach sections that are also worth seeing. One of them, the Costa Blanca, is as well accessible via the airport Alicante as Barcelona in the south of the country. This spot invites everyone who wants to explore the culture of the region and enjoy the scenic peculiarities, but would like to take it a little easier.
Those who are looking for the pulsating life are in good hands in Alicante and can also find here all the modern infrastructure that a big city offers. A little further east out of the city, small villages and small towns line up along the coast. One of them is Altea. This former fishing town offers peace and relaxation as well as variety for those interested in culture. On the miles long beaches of the city you can relax and enjoy the sea, while in the evenings the taverns and restaurants invite you to enjoy local cuisine. Happy are those who have their own holiday domicile here and are not dependent on the seasonal price fluctuations in hotels.
More and more people, also from Germany, who once got to know this beautiful region, create their own second home in the south. Away from the large metropolitan areas, the price-performance ratio here is still in a good range. Beside bigger and smaller holiday flats at the Costa Blanca there are of course also holiday houses and villas, which appear modern or also in the traditional style. What is particularly practical is that the properties can of course be rented out to tourists in times when they are not used themselves.