New tourist record for Spain

14.3.18, CH: Increasing tourist numbers are nothing new for Spain. In the last five years, the number of holidaymakers has steadily increased. The Spanish Ministry of Tourism has announced that in 2017 almost 9 % more tourists travelled to Spain than in the previous year. This makes the past year the fifth record year in a row. In addition to the number of tourists, income from tourism also increased. But Spain has not only grown in the tourism sector. The economy has also grown again in the last three years.

To ensure that the boom continues and Spain remains a popular holiday destination, hotel renovations are part of the daily routine. Many hotel owners and landlords of holiday apartments and houses have their accommodations modernised or redesigned for the guests. Guests are thus offered not only a beautiful beach in wonderful weather, but also luxurious accommodations.

But Spain and the Costa Blanca in particular are not only attracting tourists who want to spend their summer holidays on the white beaches. Living in the sun is the wish of many. And many people fulfil this wish by retirement age at the latest. They escape from the changing weather in Germany, break off their tents and let themselves go under the Spanish sun. On the Costa Blanca there are beautiful holiday homes and fincas, which are not only available for tourists, but also for permanent emigrants and hibernators. The hibernator is particularly drawn to the south during the cold season, where there are always pleasant temperatures. Whether as a permanent accommodation, winter accommodation or holiday home, there is a wide range of real estate in Spain. There is something for everyone, from the small apartment on the beach to the holiday home and the finca in the hinterland. Anyone who owns a property in the south can benefit from this in two ways. At least if it is not used all year round. It can then be rented to other holidaymakers during their absence.

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