Real estate on the Costa Blanca – north or south?

24.3.18, CH: The Costa Blanca is a coastal area in Spain, located in the province of Alicante. This coast impresses by its contrast of the blue sea and the white shimmering sand. This part of the coast is not only a popular holiday destination, but also the first address when it comes to the property market. The number of properties sold on the Costa Blanca has grown rapidly in recent years. There are many reasons for this, because the beautiful beaches on the Costa Blanca are not the only ones that are inviting. Of course, the mild climate also plays an important role, so that more and more people decide to settle entirely in this holiday area.

The Costa Blanca offers beautiful beaches, idyllic villages, beautiful properties and much more from the north to the south. However, there is a difference between the more northern region and the south of the Costa Blanca. The north impresses with a lot of greenery and lush vegetation. Many mountains extend as far as the coast. No place is like the other and every village has its own highlights. The further south you go, the cheaper the prices will be. If one sees the dreamy houses, one gets desire to travel to the Costa Blanca.

But why only for holidays? Why do more and more people decide to make the Costa Blanca their new home? Of course, the sea and the climate, but also the varied landscape are the main reasons to buy a property in this coastal section. For many it is the beginning of a new phase of life when they start anew on the Costa Blanca. Many are also attracted to Spain in their well-earned retirement. Buying a holiday home on the Costa Blanca is also worthwhile if you want to enjoy the peace and quiet here on long weekends. Apartments and houses, but also fincas can be rented during your absence. And for your own holiday, the dream accommodation is always available.