Spain – more than just a holiday destination

6.1.18, CH: Anyone who has ever been to Spain will still be enthusiastic about it a long time after their holidays. Spain is increasingly being chosen as the place for a second home or retirement home. The reasons for this are diverse. Of course, the mild climate that prevails here all year around speaks for itself. The beautiful sandy beaches, for example, on the Costa Blanca. During your holidays in Spain, you get to know the sun, the beach and the sea and of course the culture high quality of living. Many want to spend more time in Spain and chose the country for living and working. Emigrants find themselves as comfortable as people who want to enjoy their well-earned retirement here.

The offer of real estate in Spain is very large not only on the coasts. In many places you will find fincas, apartments and houses, directly on the sea, a bit out of the way in the countryside or in the middle of town. The offer is varied and everyone will find here something suitable. Living in Spain is as affordable as the accommodations. Of course you have to look around a bit, but not infrequently you fall in love quickly with a typical Spanish house. And it is already clear that Spain will become a “new” home.

But what is the difference between spain holidays and permanent residences? Clearly there are differences. On holiday, you just “manage” to see sights and beaches in the surrounding area. Enjoying the pleasant climate in Spain all year round, leaves much more time to spend more time studying Spanish culture. No hidden beach remains a secret. You also get to know and love the Spanish mentality. Because the friendliness of the people is in every small village a big plus. The Spaniards are considered helpful, charming and warm. Serenity and tranquility is transmitted quickly and you soon learn to cope with everyday life without stress and hectic.