Spain now in 2nd place among the most popular tourist countries

12.5.18, CH: For years the USA was considered the second most visited country in the world after tourist arrivals. According to the data analysis platform Global Data, Spain should now take this place. Spanish tourism has experienced a real upswing in recent years. The uncertain situation in other otherwise popular tourist countries around the Mediterranean has led to a significant increase in bed occupancy in Spain. In 2017, 79.3 million arrivals were recorded, almost 4 million more than in the previous year. Besides the breathtaking beaches, the hospitality and the many hours of sunshine, it is above all the solid political situation that makes Spain so popular with tourists.
Image from the Costa Blanca Plaza in Altea
The USA, on the other hand, has lost tourist numbers mainly due to travel restrictions and the new political mood in the country, which will probably also be reflected in the numbers of arrivals this year. Spain, on the other hand, has managed to create good conditions for carefree holiday stays. In addition, the country can be reached from most European countries and thus also from Germany in only a few flight hours. Important holiday airports such as Alicante on the Costa Blanca are also served directly by many German airports. New this year is the Stuttgart – Alicante connection.

The upswing in the Spanish tourism sector is also making holiday home owners in Spain pay attention. Many Germans who own a holiday home in Spain or are considering buying a Spanish holiday home also know that it can be rented out well and profitably when it is not being used for their own purposes. In an economically stable environment such as Spain, not only can the investment for the purchase of the property be earned, but an additional income can also be generated. Particularly attractive offers for holiday properties in Spain can often be found somewhat away from the big tourist strongholds. For example in Altea on the Costa Blanca near Alicante.