Spanish real estate market arouses interest of international investors

11.6.18, CH: 2017 was an uncomparable record year for the Spanish real estate market. The demand for real estate on the Iberian Peninsula continues unabated. But it is not only the locals who are driving the property market, it is international investors who are showing increased interest and are boosting the market. As a result, prices are rising, especially in large cities.Spanish Hot Properties Investors Club

There are many reasons why the interest is so great. Among other things, this is naturally due to the still cheap loans and also to less attractive yields currently offered by the capital market. As a result, demand for commercial real estate in Spain in particular is rising. These in turn are dedicated to tourism. But the housing market is also flourishing. As a result, rents are rising, which in turn attracts investors in particular. Brokers and investors are still looking for apartments, especially along the coast. However, the brisk demand also provides security for investors.

Whether you are an investor or a private buyer, there is hardly anything wrong with a property in Spain at the moment. This is why more and more people are deciding to buy their own home on the Iberian Peninsula. From the holiday apartment directly on the beach to the finca in the hinterland there is a wide range of properties. But why does it pay to choose a property in Spain? Many decide to enjoy their retirement under the Spanish sun and emigrate. Others afford a holiday apartment or house on the Iberian Peninsula to enjoy their holidays and long weekends in Spain. The constant search for suitable accommodation has come to an end. This also has the advantage that the property can be rented out when you are not there yourself. This is also a good way to finance your holiday home.