The beaches on the Costa Blanca open again

22.4.21, CH: Finally, the time has come again – the beaches on the Costa Blanca are opening again. More precisely, in Torrevieja, where the beach is again divided into planned squares, as in the previous Corona summer. Access to these squares is controlled and inspectors monitor whether all hygiene measures are observed by the beach visitors.
A relaxed holiday under hygiene conditions

The concept proved very successful last summer – also with the locals, which is why it will probably be retained as a permanent solution for the time being. By opening the beaches, the umbrella and sunbed rentals as well as the beach bars, the region hopes to attract visitors from other countries – after all, the Valencia region is no longer considered a Corona risk area.

But even apart from the virus happening in the country and the world, the new guidelines make it much more pleasant on the beach than before. Pre-booking berths on the beach early in the morning is history – as is lying closely together on what should be a crowded beach. Pickpocketing offences and putting away other people’s towels while the owners were bathing in the sea were also non-existent last summer season thanks to the beach attendants. No wonder, then, that the measures are being welcomed with open arms again this year.

Travelling to the Costa Blanca in times of pandemic
Even if flights to the Costa Blanca are scarce at the moment compared to Majorca, travelling to the Costa Blanca by car or camper van is possible without any problems. For many holidaymakers, the wanderlust is now so great that they are thinking about their own holiday flat on the Costa Blanca, so that they can come here to the White Coast to enjoy life by the sea, regardless of the current situation in hotels and accommodation. They buy their own flat on the Costa Blanca and with it a personal piece of paradise, in order to be able to escape from everyday life and the associated stress at any time.