The palm trees of Elche as a World Heritage Site on the Costa Blanca

9.3.21, CH: Palm trees were already brought to the region by the Phoenicians – fertile oases developed in the province of Alicante. 20 years ago, the palm trees in Elche were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are still a real tourist magnet today. This year’s 20th anniversary, however, will take place in a small circle. Along for the ride – a new palm tree law to preserve this unique treasure of the region.

New palm tree law to protect the world cultural heritage on the Costa Blanca

The old law for the “palm oasis” of Elche on the white coast dates back to 1986 and made it rather difficult to protect the plants. The new law is intended to protect the green oasis in the dry province on the Costa Blanca from destruction and possible plagues.

A cultural asset worth protecting on the white coast

And the sight is truly special – some people might think their own eyes are playing tricks on them. The green semicircle of fertile land and exotic plants that surrounds the centre of Elche looks so unreal. It is difficult to say how many palm trees grow here – the number ranges somewhere between 11,000 and 200,000 – most of them are date palms that bear delicious fruit in winter. The cultural goods associated with the palms are also to be protected – such as handicrafts or gardening.

The green oasis on the Costa Blanca – one more reason to stay

The palm gardens on the white coast and the plan to preserve them in a sustainable way are yet another reason to consider buying a property on the Costa Blanca. Especially in times when many people (have to) increasingly stay at home, the longing for such places becomes great, for a home on the beach under palm trees. Perhaps a holiday home in Altea? Or your own finca by the sea, on a white beach?